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    Universal Free Breakfast Starting November 1 ,2022.   Free breakfast for all students!  No advanced registration is necessary. These supervised meals provide your child with a 1/4 of their nutritional needs each day. Grab & Go Breakfast is convenient and easy for students to pick up and take to their classroom.

     What's Cooking? Find Out!

    We share our knowledge of the life-enhancing benefits of good nutrition with students, our families and our communities.  In order to make good decisions about the foods they eat, we believe that students need two things: healthy options and the insight to choose wisely.  We go beyond the cafe with our nutrition education programs, setting the stage for smart dining decisions that will pave the way for a lifetime of success and well-being. 

    Simply Good is an annual food and nutrition education program that expands student's knowledge of food to include nutrition facts, sustainability information, and even food preparation tips.

    This program aims to move the conversation about food from the cafeteria to the classroom, hallways, homes, and the community.  Student awareness of food is often very limited to their own personal experiences.  Through special events, activities, and special food focuses, we educate students about the importance of eating healthy meals, while also introducing a variety of new ingredients that broaden their food horizons.  Monthly activities highlight seasonal and nutrient-rich foods such as red and orange vegetables in the Fall and leafy green and cruciferous vegetables in the Spring to engage students around healthful eating and living. 

    Check out our Catering Menus to see what else we can do for you! If you do not see something on our Catering Menu, please give us a call and we will do our best to provide!

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