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    Welcome to ChartwellsK12 at Bridgewater-Raynham


    Students at the B-R HS Cafeteria were treated to free samples of both Curried Chicken and a Chipotle BBQ Steak Sandwich.  

    The Steak Sandwich won the student vote with 84% of responders wanting the menu item to appear on the November Menu.

    SC October 2019.jpg

    Beverly, Shannon and Jen helping out during Student Choice at B-R HS, October 2019.

    Students at the B-R HS Cafeteria were treated to free samples of both Kung Pao Chicken (Station Concept BOK Choi) and a Honey Mustard BBQ Chicken Sandwich (Station Concept ROOST). 

    Students were allowed to vote via text for their favorite station concept.  The winning concept ROOST was featured on the January Menu.

    Students at the B-R HS Cafeteria were treated to free samples of both Szejuan Chicken (Station Concept BOK Choi) and a Turkey and Cheddar Panini on Ciabatta Bread (Station Concept Made to Melt). 

     Students were allowed to vote via text for their favorite station concept.  The winning concept Made to Melt will be featured on the April Menu after April Break.




    Chartwells in the Community

    Did you know that Chartwells Cafeteria Workers  at all B-R schools may wear "Jeans on Fridays" if they donate $1 to the cause.  Over the past several years, Chartwells staff has donated thousands of dollars to worthy causes.  During the past 5 school years, Chartwells Staff at B-R has raised over $2000 for

    "One Mission, Kids with Cancer".

    Director Eric DeLisle got his hair buzzed off again at Gillette Stadium in June 2019. 



    Red Sox Day

    We Celebrate the Sox Home Opener every Spring!!!  We served Hot Dogs, Pretzels, Nachos and more!!!

    Thanks to all the students that participated this past year.  We're happy to have given away over 20 Red Sox Tees and Caps to lucky student winners at all schools.



    Below are Cafeteria Workers at Merrill and Williams last school year.

    Thanks for participating!

    Above, Debbie and Stacey at Merrill.  Below, Steph, Kathy, Eric & Shirley.


    Chartwells Team Member Recognized by SC.

    Food Service Worker Pat Paula at the Mitchell Elementary was recognized by the B-R School Committee for helping a young student in the cafeteria who was choking.  In addition, Pat received Chartwells "Class Act" award for her quick thinking and reaction.  Pat learned the Heimlich Maneuver last Spring when Chartwells staff obtained CPR certifications during a training session at the Conant Center in Bridgewater.  Congratulations Pat.



    Director in the Classroom

    This past November, and every November for the past several years, Mr. DeLisle speaks with all the 3rd grade classroom students at Mitchell Elementary and discusses the 5 food groups and the importance of each in a healthy balanced diet.  At the end of each session, students try to match a food item with the food group they belong to.  One lucky student in each classroom won a bag of locally grown apples!

    Each school year, Mr. DeLisle is invited to Williams Intermediate to discuss Healthy Eating with Mr. Arruda's Health Classes, and Mr. Robichaud's Science Classes.  Besides the benefits of the 5 Food Groups, 8 classrooms of students engaged in a lively discussion about reading Food Labels.  Focus was on Portion Sizes, Calories, Ingredients, Junk Food and Whole Grains. 


    Farms to Schools

    FtS Eric.jpg

    Mr DeLisle gets ready for Kale Chips and Apple Cider Samples at the B-R HS in October 2019

    Every school year in October, our Farms To Schools promotions at the HS, RMS and WIS creates a lot of excitement in our cafeterias. Students learn why it is good to buy local.  They tasted locally grown Apple Cider & Kale Chips and got to guess the weight of a giant pumpkin.  Chartwells at B-R continues to purchase locally grown produce for students including Cucumbers, Kale, Green Peppers, Potatoes, Tomatoes  Apples and more.